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Get a pen and paper. Write this on your new BDSM NOTEBOOK. What type of sub are you ? What do you enjoy most about being a sub? How did...

For you 😀

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#femdommalta #bdsm #dom #dominatrix #femdom #mistressmira #mistr essmalta

My collection 😍 ♥️

My collection 😍 4 different strapon sizes , one of them also squirts. Collar. Slapper . Whip . Latex clothes & lingerie. Femization...

Updated Rules

1.You must ask permission to do anything and everything. 2.When you enjoy something you say Thank you mistress. 3. Using words like stop...

New updateds

Read the website list again . There's a new updated just right under it . Enjoy you naughty boys.

I'm back to malta.

Are you new here ? Welcome. I've been a Dominatrix for over 2 years now and always looking for new slaves and submissive to play with.

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