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Mistress may I

Lets play a game of Mistress May I. Comment Yes below. And message me on WhatsApp with the text - Mistress may I play

Question 1

What do you think is the best way to show that you’re a loyal sub? Best & honest answer will be Reward ♥️

3RD Task

Your 1st tasks where more for you to get to know yourself better. Now for the 3rd Task . You must Follow me all over Social media. So...


Get a pen and paper. Write this on your new BDSM NOTEBOOK. What type of sub are you ? What do you enjoy most about being a sub? How did...


I will be posting a series of tasks for anyone who wants to serve me. Each task will have to be completed,to show your DEVOTION to me....


ALWAYS ADRESS ME as MISTRESS MIRA. Be open minded. Don't be to needy. Build trust by Answering the question HONESTLY. BE HONEST AT ALL...

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