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My Real Interview with loving malta

Question 1. For those that may not know, what do you do exactly?

1. I am a non-sexual Fetish Dominatrix which means I want

you to willingly surrender yourself to me. Why would you do that you ask?

Some people have the need to show their vulnerability, as in their day-to-day life they have no way of doing so.

Question 2. On average, how many requests do you get a week?

2. Just like any other business that are ups & downs, on a good week I may get hundreds of requests, although some of them are not serious,

by not serious I mean they treat you like a normal escort and ask for sex.

Question 3. Run me through a typical client interaction, from beginning to end.

3. I have different type of clients with different fetishes. I start by getting to know the clients and their needs by chatting on WhatsApp or email then I usually

guide them to my websites as there you can find and the rules and necessary information needed. This leads to the first face-to-face meeting which is usually

just a simple coffee meet up, after that if there's

good chemistry between me and the submissive we plan the session.

Question 4. You are referred to as a non-sexual dominatrix - what does that mean exactly?

4. In my opinion dominant isn't something that should be looked at as a sexual thing. It is more of a therapeutic thing where people can get out of their shell .

Apart from the obvious which is no sex at all.

Question 5. What is the most common request in your experience?

5. Probably the most common requests I get is foot fetish followed by humiliation and Punishment.

Question 6. What was the strangest request in your experience?

6. There are limits also for a Dome, mine are fetishes which includes blood and faeces.

Question 7. Any request you ever had to turn done?

7. Hmm, So this is a more common case than you might expect, stupidly enough a lot of people still request intercourse and fetishes which include bloods and faeces,

although it is stated on my website, apart from that if I feel that there might be any red flags I would rather turn a client down as it's better to be safe than


Question 8. Without naming names, have you had any high profile clients or people in professions you weren’t expecting?

8. Usually the clients I get have a high position in their day to day life, as these people are usually the ones that have the need to show vulnerability, due to

their leadership roles in life.

Question 9. On average, how many of your clients are married?

9. Usually it is not my business if the client is married or not, unless the client decides to open up about his/her day to day life.

Question 10. Have you ever had clients that were in a relationship/a couple/a group?

10. Until now I never had couples as clients yet I'm quite sure I wouldn't turn them down.

Question 11. What is the general price range for services?

11. Usually the price ranges depending on the place the session is being hosted in & and the kind of fetish the client has. I would say the price ranges between

100 & 200 euros FOR THE 1ST SESSIONS.

Question 12. Have you ever been in need of police intervention or protection during work?

12. No as I am very careful on who to trust & who to meet. Till now I didn't have the need and hoping it will stay that way.

QUESTION 13. Do you know if there are others in this line of work in Malta?

13. I wouldn't say there are a lot, mostly foreigners which visit Malta once a year or so.

Question 14. What attracted you to the job?

14. Honestly being Dome is such a confidence booster and seeing people submitting and letting go of their burdens, even if it's just for an hour,

it is so satisfying and therapeutic for both parties.

Question 15. Should prostitution/sex work be legalised in Malta?

15. I cannot emphasize enough that I am not a sex worker, Although I think sex work should be legalised and controlled as then there will be a reduction in STDs,

by controlled I mean frequent check-ups at your Gu or Gynae.

Any other comments to readers on this topic?

I would really appreciate if people would start by taking a look at my website ( and start exploring their kinky sides,


Also do not approach unless you read the website. Always address me as Mistress Mira


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